Deimos - The Wrecking Crew

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Deimos - The Wrecking Crew

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Novice Male Human

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Academics d6, Athletics d6, Common Knowledge d8, Fighting d6, Focus d8, Hacking d4, Language (Native) d8, Notice d6+2, Persuasion d4, Research d8, Stealth d6, Thievery d4
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Driven (major, Justice), Heroic, Hesitant (Minor), Bad Eyes (Minor)
Edges: Alertness, Calculating, Investigator, The Best There Is (custom)
Weapons: Unarmed (Range Melee, Damage Str)
Gear: "Bug" (Micro Transmitter), Cameras (digital), Cellular Phone, First Aid Kit (basic supplies), Flashlight (10” beam), Lockpicks, Stun Gun
Language: Native (native, d8)
Current Wealth: $65

Special Abilities
Languages Known: Native (native, d8)

Novice Advances
Raise Attribute: SpiritRaise Skills: Focus/Common KnowledgeEdge: Alertness

Current Load: 6.5 (41)
Books In Use: Savage Worlds: Adventure EditionValidity: Character appears valid and optimal
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Re: Malcolm [Deimos] - The Wrecking Crew

Post by Stoic »

The true nature of his abilities is something that Deimos thinks about quite a lot. He likes to think of himself a a rational person but even he can't properly define how his abilities work. His best way of explaining it is that he has somehow tapped into something he refers to as "The NIghtmare Realm". He is able to control peoples minds, mostly based around the more primitive parts of the brain relating to fear. He can reach his mind out to scan for other sentient beings, and also has the ability to channel pure negative energy out in an attempt to disrupt other super powered individual's abilities.

Deimos can tap into something he refers to as "The Nightmare Realm". It's basic ability is to pull any sentient minds of Deimos' choosing into this realm. Onlookers subconsciously look away, deeply aware of the horrors that lie within. Deimos can make those in the sphere distracted and vulnerable as they start to see and hear things at the edge of their vision, their bad drams coming to life. As he can control the vertical he can also control the horizontal and use the realm to buffer the resolve of those he chooses. Finally for those who are truly deserving of it, Deimos can make ines nightmares become real doing damage to their psyches

Energy Control (12) (Mental)
Strong (5)
Heavy (1)
Selective (1)

Being well-versed in the power of the mind, Deimos has the ability to block mental influences completely due to his familiarity with the realm of the mind
Environmental Resistance (1)

Deimos can focus his Nightmare Realm to a fine point, unleashing pure terror from the more basic parts of his opponents mind.

Fear (4)

Deimos is so attuned to the mental realm that he can pick out sentient minds.
Scan (2)

As a master of fear, nothing NG scares him.
Fearless (2)

Deimos is able to project pure negative thoughts, canceling out one's ability to use their abilities as they can't remember how to use them.

Negation (8)
GM Bennies 9/9
Wild Card Bennies ?
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Re: Deimos - The Wrecking Crew

Post by Technospawn »

GM Stuff

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[b][color=#BF0000] Initiative[/b]
I will roll 1d56 for each of your initiative cards. I do not reroll duplicates, instead there are 2 extra Joker positions. Ties can be broken by an athletics roll.
[list][*][b]Lowest card goes first[/b]
[*][b]Quick rerolls 41 or higher[/b]
[*]1, 2, 3, 4 are considered Jokers
[*]Cards divisible by 4 are considered Clubs for hindrances affected by Clubs (excepting 4 which is a joker).[/list][/color][/b]
Savage Realms Bennies
GM = 7/7 Jarierth = 0/2
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Re: Deimos - The Wrecking Crew

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