The Immortal (Welcome to the Party)

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The Immortal (Welcome to the Party)

Post by Daniel »

After a little time the suit of armor was starting to feel a little more comfortable.

The name was still daunting.

Rad the Immortal!


Recalling her own thoughts, perhaps she would put the former pilots words to the test and see if she could make some money fighting for hire and see if the legend played out on its own like he said, she had headed towards the Tomorrow Legion, in North Eastern Arkansas.

In the violent world of Rifts Earth one was always better off joining a crew of some sort. The Legion was famous for being the Good Guys and paying its members for up keeping their equipment.

The boom gun of the Glitter Boy fired some devastatingly powerful shots at a phenomenal cost. Why not let some other mook pay for the ammo as she crusaded as Rad the Immortal?

Problem was, she had arrived at the location of Castle Refuge, and found it not at all as described.

There was no castle.

There was no Legion.

There was nothing “good” about the area.

What she encountered was several demons and a particularly strange witch.

Some bizarre Owl like humanoid witch.

Kate strode confidently forward across the grassy valley looking for the castle that was supposed to be here. However as she made her way across the grass she visibly noticed that at one point she was walking across grass. The next. As if she had passed through a mirage. She was standing in a burnt earth environment.

Steam or some kind of vapor rippling upwards from burnt ashy dirt.

Like a vail was lifted.

At the far expanse of the revealed illusion a sole humanoids stood. Looking like a human-ish owl the being turned to look at Kate.

The feathered being pointed at the Glitter Boy.

Several wispy shadows solidified and raced toward her.

Four Demonic Beings rip out of the ground. They scream across the desolate dirt ground towards Kate.

Each is solidifying as they advance. They are somekind of Shadow Beasts.

Quick Combat.

Roll a Skill.

Describe your strategy and interactions with the Shadow Beasts advancing on you.
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Re: The Immortal (Welcome to the Party)

Post by Rad »

Success (4) Bumps and Bruises
Piloting 1d6!: [3] = 3
Wild Die 1d6!: [4] = 4

The HUD being projected directly into Rad’s eyes showed the rapidly approaching figures racing towards her with clear hostile intent. The overlay showing blinking symbols for their whereabouts every time they went out of view as her radar system did the heavy lifting for her. They darted rapidly from left to right as they approached, as if in anticipation of being fired upon by the glimmering hulking figure.

“Okay breathe, I’ve got this. Remember the training simulator, focus on the blinking targets, lock on, fire. Simple, all I need to do is...” She stopped mid sentence, watching as one by one the creatures simply... Vanished from both sight and radar. This caused her to blink several times as she witnessed the last rush into a patch of shadow overlooking a ridge and disappear as if swallowed whole by the darkness itself.

“The hell? Is this stupid thing broken?” Rad cursed as she inwardly kicked the armor, causing the metallic leg to suddenly kick upwards as well in an absurd motion that would have given away her inexperience at piloting. The moment she did so however, out of seemingly nowhere one of the creatures jumped out of an entirely different patch of shadow, leaping towards her with violent force. Just barely missing her, and only due to the fact that she had been staggering backwards due to the inadvertent kick she had just delivered.

“Shit shit shit!” She yelled out, as it vanished from sight once more, just barely scrambling backwards as another flew out at her from directly in front this time, her HUD blaring out incoming warnings only split seconds before impact. The scraping claws of the shrouded creature rapidly scratching at her suit as it threatened to peel it away with a mixture of inhuman strength and razor sharp edges which were starting to do the trick.

”Alright, time for my secret weapon.” Rad thought to herself, pulling a step away from the beast that had landed on her. Sweat dripped from her brow as the life support systems engaged a cooling blast on her to keep her temperature down, though it did nothing to stop her rapidly beating heart. Sure the armor had been doing its job in keeping her safe so far, but the immense power of these things was no joke, and it wouldn’t take much more for them to peel away at her.

”Alright you little bastards! You’ve had your last laugh at Rad the Immortal’s expense!” Came a loud blast over the suits attached megaphone. As she did so, the power armors metallic hands clutched into fists as an epic guts pose was performed, taking a step forward as she prepared to engage her true power. Already the rear turbine sounds of her stabilizers revving up began to rise across the valley, blowing dust and debris away from her in every direction.

”Secret weapon... Engage!” Came the resounding yell from the Glitter Boy as her fingers pressed the triggers that were at the ready.

For a moment, all sound in the area seemed to stop as time stood still. Finally coming to life once more as the movement thrusters engaged in a forwards direction. Creating a large cloud of dust in the area as Rad fled the scene at all possible haste. The shadowy creatures and the witch seemed to falter slightly in confusion at the unexpected tactic as the glittering mighty power armor blasted forward at break neck speed towards the direction of the owl-like creature.... And then simply continued onwards, blowing past her like an errant tumbleweed caught in a tornado.

”Yeah! Suck it you B... Witch!” Rad yelled out with gleeful triumph in a manner that she considered victorious as she turned around at the waist to give two giant metal middle fingers to the pack of now bewildered hostiles. ”No one defeats Rad the Immortal! Remember that next time you decide to... ” Came the insult that was interrupted abruptly as the Glitter Boy went tumbling down a sudden drop where the valley dipped even deeper at a large, sharply angled slope. As she had been too busy to watch where she was going, she suddenly lost her balance as the power armor fell over and began rolling downwards for the entire length of the hill, smashing into several boulders and rocky outcrops along the way.

While she had indeed managed to get herself a safe distance away from the creatures and their master, she was at the moment lying face first in the dirt, extremely dazed and disoriented over her “victory”.
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Re: The Immortal (Welcome to the Party)

Post by sammy »

And that is how Kate Pittman met the talking yellow tabby.

As the power armor fell over and began rolling downwards for the entire length of the hill, smashing into several boulders and rocky outcrops along the way, a lithe cat leapt out of the way.

”Meow, you nearly flattened me Sparkles! You looking for the castle too?”

As the Glitter Boy armor came to rest amid a cloud of dust the four legged creature jumped from a boulder to the chest of the power armor.

Licking at his paw the cat took a moment to acknowledge Kate’s existence.

”Rad the Immortal! Wow. Been a few decades my friend. We were in the depths of Carlsbad last I recall. A real silver pickle.”

The cat paused to eye the prone Glitter Boy’s helmet.

”Meow. Indeed. Reckon you still owe me Rad. Need you to help with a slippery situation. She’s up to it again. A real silver fox nowadays but still wicked.”

Jumping off the power armor as Kate… errr, Rad sits up, the talking feline starts making muffins on the rock next to Rad.

”So … Rad. Ready to play me back for your life? A short hop from here to there and you can help a gaggle of friends o’mine put down a real Witch.”

Looking up at the Glitter Boy suit as Kate stood up the cat actually grinned.

”’Case ya forgot… Rad, m’names Sammy. In case ya forgot, Rad the Immortal owes me. Kill the witch Victoria Geist! Let’s go sister! Treasure and vengeance awaits!”

With that a dimensional portal rips open and a cold wind blows through it. The talking cat, Sammy, pounces through the opening with a shivering purr.

You can join the game by following Sammy.

Doing so dimensionally teleports you to a cold room where fighting has already begun….

Stand by for a GM post with your Initiative Order.

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Re: The Immortal (Welcome to the Party)

Post by Rad »

Rad rose to her feet slowly as the small furry creature started addressing her. The ancient metallic joints of the power armor groaning under their own weight as the unwieldy thing awkwardly righted itself upwards and back onto its feet. The thing was a veritable tank when it came to durability and had more than likely saved her life at that moment. Still, power armor design had come a long way since the golden age, where sleeker, more elegant and agile designs were now more favoured among experienced pilots. The latest Northern Gun or Naruni design would have gracefully evaded everything on the hill before flying away at speeds that broke the sound barrier.

Still, it had done the job as the glowing status screen ahead of her identified the damage she had received through it all as only superficial, where her own disorientation seemed to have been the extent of the real damage. So it was that Rad thought that she had been hallucinating at first when she had been greeted by a talking cat. One that seemingly knew who she was, or at least knew about one of the people who had carried the title she now wore.

It wasn’t the strangest thing she had ever seen she supposed. While officially the GAW was taking an increasingly anti-dbee stance in order to appease a large customer base such as the Coalition, it was at this point mostly lip service. Alien creatures of all shapes and sizes would often come to Guntersville to trade salvage or purchase discount armaments for their own protection, so to see one the size and shape of a typical cat while unusual was not something that would have been considered shocking.

She did however look upon it with growing suspicion. Something about the way it referenced this due favour made her think that the furball was playing her while knowing full well the situation. Kate had grown up around charlatans and city rats and knew the signs of a growing con when she saw one.

Once the feline had jumped into the dimensional portal, Rad stopped short of going through and popped open her visor to peer into the swirling mass ahead of her. Sliding her hand through the arm of her suit, she wiggled it through the cockpit for a moment in order to place a half bent cigarette between her lips, lighting it up with her other hand as she thought about the situation before her.

A long smoky cloud left her lips with a sigh as she thought about the possibilities. Regardless of whether she actually owed the cat or not, his mention about a dangerous loose end that could potentially hunt her down later was not something she wanted to ignore. And besides, one lived and died on their reputation. Even if this was something new, it might lead to something greater with respect to solving her cash flow issues.

”Not the last time I’m going to have to deal with legacy cruft am I?” She muttered out before shaking her head.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw the first of the shadow demons creeping up over the edge of the cliff in their relentless efforts to hunt her down. Giving her the last little push she needed to go along with the insanity before her. Shuttering the visor closed and re-engaging the thrusters once more, the glimmering suit of armor barreled through the portal, ready to come to blows with what lie waiting for her on the other side.
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