Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth(13th only)

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Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth(13th only)

Post by Pender Lumkiss »

Spoon fed recap

Perhaps it was here on the frozen banks of the Chicago river over looking the western tip of the old Lake Michigan that the legend of Commander Maverick is born. Or perhaps with the 13th driving the war effort against Geist, it was they not the Black Company that dealt her the final blow. Despite Geist's all out assault she is stopped cold. Her living fire's are snuffed out, hell hounds turned against the CEALs. The CEALs, Martians, mystic knight's and Megaversal legion are demolished.
Off in the city near one of its many tall hotels the faint sounds of battle, and a giant explosion along with accompanied smoke issues forth.

Lord Coake comes from the city center trudging across the frozen lake. He is clutching his side wounded greatly by an annotating blast. Over his shoulder is a woman unconscious and known as the leader of the Future Brigade Victoria Geist. He is tight lipped on the exact details and only says, " They were heroes." He seems exhausted and some of the fallen cyber-knight a, Justicars, whisper that they have seen the look In their own eyes that which is in Lord Coake's'.

Alex returns leading the way for the "commanders" of the troops. He exclaims with a fair amount of vengeance in his voice, " If I ever see another Dragon..." He glances at Zan, " Present company excluded of course. But whatever that dragon was it was a kind of mean I hate... Playful. Glad it went home."

Great Martian ships and Futuristic ones take off presumably with the walkers and Megaversal respectively. The CEALs are all dead their weapons having exploded in their hands killing them and anyone right close. Geist's factories are demolished in a hail of boom gun fire until nothing remains. The allied forces help the civilians out of the cold and return them to their homes with the help of FBI agent Elliot Ness. He looks around the command tent half standing and littered with deadbolt CEALs. He tips his short brimmed hat at the members of the 13th, " Well Creepers. Looks like you are the kind of God-damn heroes we needed to take out that maniac. Did we actually get her? What did the troops call you the 13th? An unlucky number if I ever heard one, but not in this case. You kicked Ass Creepers. As a point, I need to take back all these people before I can secure the area for recovery of alien technology. I would like to do both you see, but I only have man power for one or the other and the people of Chicago come first. It looks like some kind of storm, the likes we have never seen is brewing so I got to get these folks to saftey. But I can't have Creeper tech falling into the hands of the mob. I hope you get my drift." Elliot gives the members of the 13th a wink and a nod. He and his few men move out and lead the civilians around the battle field into the warm embrace of cold cold Chicago. Indeed true to his words, a storm erupts in the area, it is as many of the allied mages will tell you reminiscent of a leyline storm.

Heading out into the cold battle field is no short task, especially with a magical storm brewing, much weaponry, armor, and for the sharp eyed some great trinkets can be recovered. One thing for certain, given the amount of mystic knights present and federation of magic there should be magic items of great power littering the feild... However, that seems to not be the case, as not a single member of the fed of magic, mystic knight, MM, or otherwise is found and their gear if slight and small must have been recovered, at least to those that are unobservant. Some of the Glitter Boy pilots have a large skiff just perfect for carrying back massive amounts of salvage and they are will to pay top cred for it.
The Cyber Knight commander in your back often asked to do strafing runs near and around Libertas. Seeming to help him, but you often hear the knight whisper and mutter to himself. " Is that necromancy? I must contact my sister, and see what her great spirit says on the matter."[/b]
During the battle you find yourself confronted by non other than Conner Coake!
His face is dripping sweat and his armor is scorched from your latest blast of energy, " Old man! Fool! You cannot harm me with your paltry blasts. I will take her ring back, either my force or by gift. You know not the power with in. It can shape destinies, and I will have it shape my own vaulting me from my father's shadow!" Before anything can really occur, an errant boom blast for some Glitter Boys just trying to help out pound the snow feild between you two. By the time you get up Conner is nowhere to be seen.

Ring of Power" The One ring" Enchanted item
  • The one Ring to rule them all Major: 10 pts of Burn use juicer rules including the lowering of it. Once you get to 0 burn you become a NPC of the GM.
  • In the darkness of a shadow world Major: Invisibility using AB or Spirit. 5ppe to spent on the power
  • Lasting Shadow Major: 1 pt of Burn can be used to make the invisibility power last over the course of a scene or combat.
  • Great Terrible Power Major: Spend a pt of burn and cast any power on the Ley Line Walker list as a free action. Multiple pts of burn can be spent. Use spirit or AB.
  • Perceptive: +2 on all notice checks
  • Irresistible: It requires a full round to take the ring off and to remove it from your person a spirit roll minus any burn spent so far ( freeing you of its impending destructive power).
  • Seeks to return to its master: Effectively the monologue hindrance, except for it is more like you think you dropped it or maybe you did, and you are scrambling to recover it or find it.
Played an enemy card, see Zan's OCC post for the slow play on it.

Player Directions: Hit the Step 1, Make any rolls on the HJ tables, then narrate the results. Next post will be back in Gloom in the 13th adventure post.
Step 1 Loot
There is plenty of stuff to go around. This is an extended check, leyline storm is in effect ( -2 penalty for using electrical equipment, tw items at a -4, dog boys and psionics are fatigued )
  • All Players Receive 50k in creds in salvage. And 1 HJ roll on choice of Personal Body Armor, cybernetics, Close Weapon, or Ranged Weapon. Rolls that result in an upgrade can be applied to any weapon or armor( including vehicular sizes)of that type you may have.
    Any items can be sold at 20%( base is normally 10% but you guys are the 13th and heroes, not BFBs though, the GB's know how hot those are), and every success and raise on persuasion will add 5% up to 50% of the items value.
  • Optional Notice Checks: Success get the extra loot. Failure means you are fatigued due to some magical, supernatural effect that exhausts even Zan!! ( it is not entirely a cold effect). There is literally no way to get rid of it other than time. It will persist into the next scene and possibly the next.
  • Players make there choice on what optional roll they want to make. One roll only set at your difficulty of choice.
    • 1) Notice at -2, select 1 additional roll on any Personal Body Armor, Close Weapon, and Ranged Weapon. Two for 1 can be done to make a small minor upgrade via super tech as well on any armor, weapon ( personal or Vehicular)
      2) Notice at -4, select 1 personal armor, range weapon, close weapon, or magic item out of the book ( not off a HJ table, and no BFB) or 2 minor upgrades to any item (1 major) ( body armor, weapon, item, personal or vehicular, use upgrade rules for players choice as long as it qualifies)
      3) Notice -8, Choose any item out of the book or table( PA is fine, no robot armors, BFB will come with a major hindrance probably like an enemy or some such). Or create a legendary item, weapon, armor ( or convert something you already have into an appropriate supertech, TW, Enchanted item, It must have an appropriate major hindrance beyond anything required) This includes Personal, or vehicular items.
      • Special Failure: This takes the most time and puts you at the most risk due to the magical storm. On a failure you become exhausted. This persists into the next scene and possibly beyond that.
Leyline storm.jpg
Field Team Six Bennies
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Re: Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth

Post by Jude Maverick »

Jude stared numbly out over the battlefield as the CEALs started exploding, the forces of Geist retreating in disarray. Cheers started going through the forces of Gloom and their allies. Jude wiped black CEAL ichor from his helmet visor out of his vision.

It was over.

Suddenly it felt like he couldn’t breath. Jude heaved for air. He clawed at the latches to unseal his helmet and yanked it off, tossing it to the ground and sucking in deep breaths.

That just made it worse. Ozone, explosive residue, the scent of blood and gore. Jude stumbled away and fell to his knees, heaving.

So many dead. Could he have saved more, if he had been a better commander? If his plan had been sounder? If he’d actually paid attention in class instead of staring down Lieutenant Commander Davis’ blouse?

Someone brought Jude water, and he drank thirstily, draining the canteen. Then he hauled himself up and retrieved his helmet and went out to walk the battlefield.
HJ Roll
Body Armor [dice]0[/dice]
Jude paused as he walked and pulled out a piece of tech from the shattered remains of some armor. It was a life tech enhancer that would make it easier to resist environmental and other effects when in his armor. It was simple enough to plug and play into his armor.
Notice 6
-4 difficulty
Notice [dice]1[/dice]
Wild [dice]2[/dice]
Ace [dice]3[/dice]
I will put the Marksman Edge on Jude's rifle, trapped as a high (super?) tech scope.
As he wandered, Jude found a mangled rifle, but the scope was still intact. He wrenched it off and examined it. It was better tech than most of what he’d seen in his life. He peered through it, and it had amazing range and targeting capabilities. He attached it to his rifle.
Character Tracker
Jude Maverick Character Sheet
Parry: 6; Toughness: 17 (8 natural, +1 duster, 4 armor, 4 personal force field [nonmagical attacks only, ignores AP)
You Know What to Do: During the first round of combat you gain and extra card draw and +2 to your trait rolls, +2 damage, +2 pace (stacks with a joker).
Battle Hardened: +2 Soak
Brave: +2 Fear
Common Bond: Share bennies
Elan: +2 when spending Bennies
Hard to Kill: When making rolls for Incapacitation or death, ignore Wound modifiers
I Know a Guy
Strong Willed: 2 vs. Tests of Will
Trademark Weapon: +1 Shooting with JA-11
Healing Stone: 15/15 PPE
Armor: 15/15 PPE
Necklace: 9/15 PPE
Nike Airs: Teleport/Teleport Others (K. Electronics roll)
Rifle Ammo: 59 (Spare clips: 2 x 20; 1 x 16; 2 x 30; 2 x 60)
Pistol Ammo: 16 (Spare clips: 2 x 16)
Bennies: 4/7
Adventure Cards
  • We Have the Talent: You gain the benefits of an immediate Advance of your choice. You must meet any prerequisites. This benefit (new skill, increased trait, new Edge, etc.) lasts for the remainder of the session; your next actual Advance must be spent on this same benefit.
  • Enemy: Play at the beginning of the game session. A villain of the GM’s choice becomes your character’s sworn enemy and you may not soak wounds caused directly by him. Starting now, you draw an extra Adventure Card each game session until the enemy is “retired.”
  • Epiphany: Something you never understood before suddenly “clicks.” You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.
  • Speedy Gonzales: Expend this card to gain +2 to your Pace for the rest of the scene.
  • In the Zone: Gain +1 to Shooting, Fighting, Throwing rolls until the end of the scene.
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Re: Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth

Post by Cantrell »

HJ roll: Cybernetics
[dice]0[/dice] = Bionic Strength Augmentation

Finding more lootz: Notice at -4, and cyber bonus is negated
Notice [dice]1[/dice]
Ace [dice]3[/dice] = Success
Wild [dice]2[/dice]
Ace [dice]4[/dice]

Hmm... Gonna go with a Triax T-100 Eagle Jet Pack.
Cantrell looks out over the frozen battlefield with both relief and curiosity. The aftermath of the battle had done strange things to the landscape -- blackened craters created by plasma explosions had refrozen with odd ridges of obsidian ice, almost like lava flows. Elsewhere, ice crystals continued to vibrate on the snow crust due to some lingering magical resonance.

Still, she was amazed things had turned out this well. It had seemed desperate as the 13th wrapped up their megaversal concert and headed into battle, but the charge that followed had turned into a crashing wave that Geist's forces were powerless to stop. It had been a one-sided victory, though the relatively small losses on Gloom's side were still painful.

With a ley line storm closing in, Cantrell moves out with the others from the 13th and the Black Company on a final scavenging run. Perusing the scorched remains of a squad of Megaversal Legion commandos, she finds an alien medic, armor cracked open by high explosves. In his pack is a nanite application capsule with instructions in Naruni and English that claims to be a permanent strength enhancer.

That might be useful, though I think I'll have one of the Legion docs take a look before I stick myself with it, she thinks, before a familar-looking helmet catches her eye.

It's a suit of high-end Triax body armor, similar in style to her own, although its owner didn't fare as well in the battle as Cantrell. The armor's ruined, a gaping hole in the torso, but attached to its back is the real prize -- a nuclear-powered T-100 Eagle Jet Pack. Cantrell has to hack into the root directory of the armor's command core to disengage the magnetic seal, but once that's done the jet pack clamps onto the back of her own armor just like it was designed to do.

This is gonna be fun, she thinks as the storm closes in and she fires up the rockets for the first time.

<<Alright team, it's looking like its about time to head back. Last one to camp buys the beer!>>
Nadya Cantrell
Tribe of One#5119
Quick Stats
Champion of Temporal Stability (Intelligent Construct)
Bennies: 2/3 +2 bonus
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d8, Spirit d12, Strength d8 (d12+1 in armor), Vigor d12
Pace: 8 (1d8); Parry: 8 (9 with blade); Toughness: 16 (8) or 30 (18) MDC in armor
Hindrances: Coalition Exile (m) (-1 Persuasion, +1 Intimidate/Taunt if D-bees or magic users know her past), Heroic (M), Loyal (m), Vow (M): Oppose Timey-Wimey Bullshit in All Its Forms; Wanted (M): Pretty much everyone;

Common Knowledge d6, Notice d8+4, Intimidation d8+2, Persuasion d8+2

Edges and Abilities of Note:
  • Advanced Senses (Ignores 4 pts of Range penalties; ignores Illumination penalties; has thermal, infrared, radiation, motion, radar, sonar, 360-degree awareness, etc.)
  • Automated Repair Unit (Vigor roll once a day to heal a Wound; +4 vs. Bleeding Out)
  • Brave (+2 vs Fear, -2 on Fear Table)
  • Construct (+2 vs Shaken; ignore 1 pt of Wound penalties; doesn't breathe; immune to Disease and Poison; no "Golden Hour," heals with lower Occult/Spellcasting)
  • Danger Sense (Notice +2 to sense ambushes)
  • Dodge (-2 to be hit at range)
  • Elan (+2 on rerolls)
  • Iron Jaw (+2 to Soak and vs. Knockout)
  • Imp. Level Headed (Draw three cards for initiative)
  • Malfunctions (suffers Technical Difficulties)

PPE: 10/15
Current Effects: GBT (Athletics) +1d and free reroll, BT (Stealth) +1d; Doubled Pace and ignore Running penalty
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Re: Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth

Post by Libertas Magicum »

Notice [dice]0[/dice]
Wild Notice [dice]1[/dice]
Extra Effort Running Total [dice]2[/dice]

Base Loot: 50K Cr. Salvage + Body Armor HJ Table Result: [dice]3[/dice] Micro exoskeleton enhancements in the upper torso and arms give your hero a +1 to all Strength checks and fighting damage rolls.

Special Loot: Major Mod--Thief Edge on Shadowcloak.
Libertas, of course, isn't going to pass up an opportunity for salvage. Amidst the spare pieces-and-parts that he'll just sell off or use as base materials for his own designs, he finds some servo motors that he can use to enhance his armor, giving him a bit of extra oomph if he needs to brain someone with the staff. And pressing on through the storm, he finds an even greater thing--an Obsidian Clasp, at the throat of a badly burned corpse.

He knows they're popular among some members of the Black Market (such as this fellow no doubt was), because they afix nicely to the standard Shadowcloak, enhancing its powers even further--this poor sod's 'cloak is, presumably, part of the ash lying around him, but the Clasp itself is still completely unscathed. Gingerly testing to make sure it isn't too hot to handle, Libertas takes it and uses it to secure his own 'cloak around his throat, and then seeks out some shelter as another wave of the storm passes overhead.
Libertas Magicorum
OOC Comments
Presci Techno-Wizard (Appears Human)
Active effects: none
Parry: 6; Pace: 8/d6; Toughness: 13 (6) [Triax Mechanic]
Charisma: 0 (-1 if Kleptomania known; +2 if Comm Band is active)
Edges: Danger Sense, Quick, Level-Headed, Dodge, Imp. Rapid Recharge, Arcane Marksman, Linguist
Additional Edges: Brawny (Helskor); Thief (Cloak); Assassin (Cloak)
Hindrances: Bad Eyes (Glasses), Hard of Hearing, Overconfident, Minor Greedy, Minor Habit: Klepto, Stubborn, Vulnerability: Silver, Enemy: Major (Zee Hail)
Gizmos: Healing, Boost/Lower Trait, Fly, Summon Ally, Pummel, Quickness
Gear Powers: Invisibility, Fear, Puppet, Greater Healing, Greater Armor (lasers/electric only); Intangibility
Arcane Machinist Remaining: 6/6
  • Active Arc. Mach. Devices (Remaining PPE):
PPE: 30/30 + 10 (Staff)
Bennies: 2/2

  • Q2/19 Adventure Cards:
    Seize the Day - The character acts as if he had drawn a Joker this combat round.
    Lucky Break - Play this card to completely negate the damage from one attack.
    Mechanical Malfunction - A device malfunctions in some way: guns jam, bow strings break, etc. The device can be fixed by a Repair roll at -4 and 10 minutes work.
    Epiphany - Something you never understood before suddenly “clicks.” You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.
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Re: Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth

Post by Maximilian »

Max's rolls
HJ Body Armor: [dice]0[/dice] -- +1 Vigor rolls

Notice for the good stuff, -4, -1 due to fatigue, -2 due to Ley Line Storm electronics effects, +2 due to Robot Armor sensors, net -5

WD Notice

Ace WD with prior

Benny for EE with Elan and prior
[dice]4[/dice] - Adding major mod to Berserker Plate: +1 Vigor die type
Max sighs contentedly as the battle comes to a close. "Now that was fun." The ley line storm strikes, though, ending his good mood. "Miserable storm. My head is killing me. Hey, someone shut it off, would ya?" His pleas to the ley line weather gods go unheard, though. Gritting his teeth, he continues walking the battlefields to ensure there are no enemies playing dead.

In a stroke of fortune, he finds a piece of ornamentation from one of the deceased frost giants' armors. It looks similar to his Berserker Plate armor, so Max exits the robot armor and picks up the discovery. The frost giant armor is too big, but the ornamentation fits nicely as an augmented gorget. While walking back towards the command tent, he attaches the gorget to his current armor. It plugs in almost as if it were designed to be there. Max feels his heart race for a moment, then settle. But he feels...stronger. I could run a back to back marathon in this stuff. I'm still the best dog at fetch!
Bizarro Alex loot
HJ Ranged Weapons: [dice]5[/dice] -- WI-GL20 Automatic Grenade Launcher
Alex dismounts his cycle on the frozen lake. Must be juicer artillery. He muses as he picks up an intact automatic grenade launcher. Come to papa!
Maximilian character sheet
Alex - Allied Extra character sheet
Bennies: 5 (+1 omission from debrief, +1 roommate interlude, -1 EE search for wand, +1 no armor, -1 soak, -1 EE resist fear, -1 EE shooting, +1 showering, +1 RP lunch area, +1 intercepted radio, -1 reroll Piloting, +1 Mikey Danger)
Wounds / Fatigue: 0 / 0
Parry: 7
Toughness: 22 (9) (Enchanted Berserker Plate Armor, Tough Breed)
Pace: 6/8 in armor
Edges: Robot Armor Jock, Ace, Combat Ace, Ambidextrous, Quick, Level Headed, Improved Level Headed, Charismatic, I Know A Guy, Elan, Battle Hardened
Weapon in hand: none
Weapon in holster: Vibroswords (2)
Wilk's 227 Pulse Laser
  • Range: 18/36/72
    Damage 2d6+1, AP 2
    ROF 2, Payload 24, Semi auto, 3RB
2 spare e-clips
Standard out-of-robot gear from NG-S2: flashlight, compass, radio, first aid kit, fire starter, wooden cross, 1 flare, 30 feet rope
Adventure Cards
  • Epiphany: Something you never understood before suddenly "clicks." You gain a d6 in any skill you previously did not have for the remainder of this game session.
    Boom! Head Shot: You may ignore any Called Shot penalties on your next ranged attack.
    Rally: Play to cause all allies in sight/hearing to immediately lose their Shaken status.
Titan TR-001 Combat Robot
Size: 8
Crew: 1+2
Toughness: 44 (22)
Pace: 10
  • Medium Rail Gun
    • Range: 100/200/400
      Damage: 3d10+4, AP 14
      ROF 3, shots 60
    Medium Missile Launchers (2)
    • Range: 200/400/800
      Damage: 8d6, AP 15, MBT
      ROF 1, shots 4
    Mini Missile Launchers (2)
    • Range: 100/200/400
      Damage: 5d6, AP 6, SBT
      ROF 1, shots 12
    Medium Laser
    • Range: 150/300/600
      Damage: 3d10, AP 10
      ROF 1
    Dino Bladder Water Cannon
    • Range: cone
      Damage: 3d10
      5 bursts
    Good Night
    • Melee damage: Str + 2d10 MD Plasma
      Plasma Ejector damage:
      • 2d6 plasma & heat (vigor -2 or suffer level of fatigue
      • 3d6 using 2 shots
      • 6d6 using 4 shots
      Payload: 10 shots unless hooked to permanent power supply
      ROF: 3
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Re: Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth(13th only)

Post by Z'Anomandir »

OOC Comments
HJ Body Armor roll: [dice]0[/dice] (Choose a set of armor from the book)

Extra loot roll (Notice @ -4): FAIL
Notice: [dice]1[/dice]
-Extra Effort -1 benny: [dice]3[/dice]
WILD dye: [dice]2[/dice]
Cyberknight commander wrote: " Is that necromancy? I must contact my sister, and see what her great spirit says on the matter."
"Necromancy?" Zan asks the cyberknight after another of his remarks about Libertas. "What do you mean by that? He is my friend," he says simply, as if that explains everything.


After the battle, Z'Anomandir returns the cyberknight commander to his unit. As a show of camaraderie and thanks, the surviving knights give to Zan the armor of their fallen healer, who died heroically while single-handedly plugging a ragged hole in their lines that threatened to become a flood at a critical moment during the battle. "More gifts for me?" he says in a voice filled with joy and gratitude. So honored is Zan that he immediately sembles into his human form in order to don the armor then and there in the cyberknights' presence. Several chuckles and at least one catcall are directed his way as the battle weary soldiers get their first look at his pink waitress uniform.

But soon Zan has donned the deceased healer's armor and wills the TW creation to conform to his human body. "Thank-you! Thank-you all! I will wear it with the pride and honor it deserves." He then moves through the survivors and channels his psionic and magical reserves through his new armor to heal the most grievously wounded among them until he is spent. Afterwards he wanders through the field of battle looking for other interesting things to take back to his lair but the strange ley line storm seems to sap his will and he becomes terribly sleepy. He turns back into his dragon form and flies back to the staging area, hoping to soon be able to go back home to his new lair in the Red Robin and sleep off this strange funk.
OOC Comments

Cyber-Knight Medium Armor (TW) w/ healing power and 50k credits
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Ice Dragon
Legendary Table reward: Badass Family: gain 2 attribute points for the character and his descendants (+1 dye type each to Agility, Smarts)
Bennies: 6/3
  • +1 for following directions during debriefing
  • +1 for including Shalla in interlude
  • -1 to unshake from brainburn due to crit fail psionic roll
  • +1 for Lucky O'Malley post
  • +1 for post-battle breakfast talk

Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d12+4, Vigor d8
Charisma: -2; Pace: 6 (Fly 12, Climb 0); Parry: 6; Toughness: 34 (16 MDC); In human form w/ armor on = 13 (6); PPE: 20; ISP: 20
Notice d6, Common Knowledge d6, K-Arcana d4
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • Outsider(-2 CHA)
  • Large (+2 to be hit)
  • Enemies (CS)
  • Territorial

Edges and Abilities of Note:
  • AB (Psionic), Major Psionic, AB (Magic)
  • Power Surge: gain 2d6 PP or ISP when dealt a Joker for initiative
  • Icy Breath: 12/24/48 for 4d6 MD or Cone for 2d10 MD
  • Claws/Bite (Iconic): Naturally massive teeth and talons (Str+3d6 AP 4, Mega Damage)
  • Tail Lash (Iconic): Sweep a 2" long by 4" wide rectangle. Fighting attack ignores size penalties, (Str+d8 Mega Damage)
  • Impervious to Cold: Ice and cold do not affect an Ice dragon at all. Non-variable frequency lasers do only half damage due to the reflecting nature of their icy hide.
  • Infravision (Iconic): halve the penalties for dark lighting against living targets
  • Slow Regeneration (Iconic): These creatures can even regenerate lost limbs over time, making a natural healing roll once per day.
  • Fear (Iconic): A dragon is a terrifying creature to most folks, who must make a Fear check when first seeing him.


Adventure Cards
-Villanious Verbosity: Play to make an opposing Wild Card lose his next action by gloating or talking about his master plan.
-Renown: Play after completing a good deed of some import. You gain a permanent +1 Charisma bonus toward those who have heard of you (typically a 50% chance).

PPE: 20/20
Powers: Freeze entangle ; Battle Shards deflection ; Fortify/Sap boost/lower trait
ISP: 20/20
Powers: Hibernation slumber ; Cold Snap dispel ; Blizzard Spirit intangibility

TW Medium Cyberknight Armor: healing
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Re: Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth(13th only)

Post by Jitters »

Notice 5
Wild Die [dice]1[/dice]
+2 From Heightened Senses
-2 From Scene Penalty
Common Knowledge 4
Wild Die [dice]3[/dice]
Smarts 6
Wild Die [dice]5[/dice]
Close Combat Weapons
[dice]6[/dice] = Vibro Swords

The cold wind blows, causing Jitters muscles to stiffen up, despite the fact that his M.O.M. implants to compensate so that he doesn't even feel the effects of the cold. Snow begins to fall, lightly at first, but then it starts to fall heavier and heavier. He knows he need to move quickly to avoid being lost and suffer from the effects of hypothermia. As Jitters trudged through the snow, he accidentally kicked a dead body, and he glanced at it as he moved along. But what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. The dead body that he had kicked was the Cyber-Knight that he had "borrowed" that vibro-sword from after the concert when he tried to rally the Knights to fight. He was a round and portly old man, with mutton chops that went down to his lower jawline, almost meeting in the middle, his white hair seemingly going in every direction other than the one it was brushed in. Jitters looked to the Knight's name plate and saw his name, Sir Cumference. In it's scabbard from earlier is the vibro-sword that Jitters had been using, Sir Cumference's hand upon the hilt, prepared to draw it for battle when he had been run through.

Jitters picked up the dead Knight's body and moved for the exit back in the amphitheatre where he had came in. As he moved, he could feel something watching him, resentful of his presence. A loud crack near him sounded and a gas street lamp fell toward him, forcing him to leap out of the way and land on a patch of ice. Normally he wouldn't have any trouble keeping his balance, but with the extra weight of Sir Cumference caused him to slip and slide as he struggle to find his footing. As he slid, something out of the came swinging down at him. He dropped the dead knight's body and he pulled Paul Bunyan and Vibe from his scabbards and the vibro-sword from Sir Cumference's scabbard, and struck with all three simultaneously. Vibe cut a deep wound, but the cyber-knight's vibro-sword drives even deeper. The thing slid down to the ground, it's lifeless eyes staring forward in the cold wind. Jitters lifted the sword to inspect it better and saw that the it had an enhanced vibrational field emitter. He had decided to keep it as his and said "I shall call you Rator." He picked Sir Cumference back up and found his way out of Old Chicago.
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Pace: 16; Parry: 11; Toughness: 22 (11); Strain: 1(?)

Weapon in Hand: Chain Longsword (Str+2d8 MD, AP 2, 15 lbs., aka Paul Bunyan), Vibro-Sword (Str+d10 MD, AP 4, 9 lb, aka Vibe), Vibro-Sword (Str+d10 MD, AP 4, 9 lb, aka Rator)
Wilk's 237 Laser Pistol (15/30/60, 2d6+1 dmg, RoF 1, AP 2, 16 shots, 3 lbs, Semi-Auto)
JA-11 Energy Rifle (30/60/120, 3d6, RoF 1, AP 2, Shots 60, 7 lbs, Special)
  • As an action, switch to Ion Beam (12/24/48, 1-3d6+1, RoF 1, 0 AP, 10 Shots), or have laser do Mega-Damage (uses 10x the ammo and applies snap fire penalty). Integrated scope offsets up to either -2 points of penalties due to range or lighting (or the lack there of).
Armor Worn: C&S Crusader Heavy Combat Armor (+11 Armor, + 2 Toughness, +1 Pace, d10 Str min, 24 lbs), Tough Clothes (+1 Toughness), Bandito Arms Branaghan Overcoat (+1 Toughness)
ISP: 20/30
Bennies: 3 Red 5 Regular

Encumberance: 56 lbs/84 lbs

Alts: Pvt. Logan Wright, CS Fightin' Joes
Temp Stats
Adventure Card
Your hero sees an old friend or acquaintance who might help him in his current quest somehow. Of course, he may also ask for a favor in return.
Play at the beginning of the game session. A villain of the GM's choice becomes your character's sworn enemy and you may not soak wounds caused directly by him. Starting Now, you draw an extra Adventure Card each game session until the enemy is "retired".
Better You Than Me
Play when your hero has been hit by an attack and there is an adjacent character. The other character suffers the attack instead. This may be played on friend or foe.
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Re: Part 3: The Aftermath on Ravaged Earth(13th only)

Post by Damien »

Has the One Ring. Bad roll there, already lost 1 point of Burn. Eek!

Make a HJ Roll: All Players Receive 50k in creds in salvage.

And 1 HJ roll on choice: of Personal Body Armor, cybernetics, Close Weapon, or Ranged Weapon. Rolls that result in an upgrade can be applied to any weapon or armor ( including vehicular sizes) of that type you may have.
Still thinking on what table.... [dice]6[/dice] = pick a table and pick a "item"

Notice Roll at -8
Notice -8, Choose any item out of the book or table( PA is fine, no robot armors, BFB will come with a major hindrance probably like an enemy or some such). Or create a legendary item, weapon, armor ( or convert something you already have into an appropriate supertech, TW, Enchanted item, It must have an appropriate major hindrance beyond anything required) This includes Personal, or vehicular items.

[dice]1[/dice] aced, [dice]0[/dice] = 10 (err 9 because of fatigue).

Thinking on what to pick and what table to use for HJ....will add 5 Major Edges/Powers to the armor Flint is wearing and roll on HJ table once ....
The blast of words from Connor Coake and subsequent blast from a Glitter Boy boom gun both floor Flint. One literally. Gathering his few possessions, Flint really does not carry much, the old man shakily stands back up.

Returning to the rest of the SET, Flint is ready to get away from this battlefield.

Lord Coake is making his way past the SET and stops and looks at Flint.

"Oh my, Flint, the armor I gave you .... um, hmm how do I say this? It looks fine on you Flint ... uh."

Coake reaches out and pushes a discrete button on the light CK armor. A beep latter and Lord Coake smiles.

"There. Its now turned on. You may find that it can do a few new things for you. Wear it well, it was my first suit of armor I ever used here on Earth. Was going to hand it down to Conner, but, its yours now."

Waving lord Coake moves on.
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