Well Fudge

Sometimes bennies, conviction, and all that just leaves you out to dry. For those times when you just have to succeed, these rewards give you one more kick at the can.
  • (1 EP) Have I Got a Backstory for You: At character creation, your character may make his allotted Hero’s Journey rolls on any table or combination of tables of his choosing (except on tables specifically prohibited by his Iconic Framework, if any). He does not gain extra rolls by purchase of this option.
  • (1 EP) Anyone Got a Bennie? Purchase 1 additional Benny for any character! Site Rule: Useable in any game regardless of other GM restrictions.
  • (5 EP) Deus Ex Machina: Retroactively Spend a Benny to reroll a critical failure, you must still spend the Benny. When used this enacts the Dumb Luck Setting rules.

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Create a Topic or Reply in the appropriate form and EP will be deducted automatically. You can share a link to the expenditure post with your GM to make their life easier.
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