Good In A Pinch

Heroes seem to have that little je ne sais quois which allows them to do just the right thing, just in the nick of time. These rewards let your hero temporarily bend fate in their favour.
  • (1 EP) Power Efficiency: Use a power for 1/2 PP costs (one time only)
  • (3 EP) Inspiration: Temporarily use an Edge you qualify for (ignoring Rank) for the duration of the current scene (scene length is defined by GM)
  • (3 EP) MEGA!: Gain the one time ability to cast a Power with a Mega-Power Modifier (Weird Science has no mega modifiers available, so this option does not apply).
  • (3 EP) Expanded Understanding: When taking the New Powers Edge may instead take any one power of current rank or lower chosen from the Mind Melter (Psionics), Mystic (Miracles), or Ley Line Walker (Magic) list, relative to your Arcane Background.

Forum rules
Create a Topic or Reply in the appropriate form and EP will be deducted automatically. You can share a link to the expenditure post with your GM to make their life easier.
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