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 Roll Holder A.R.E.S Hero 
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HJ Rolls
1d20 (5)
1d20 (18)
1d20 (2)
1d20 (12)

Origin Story
1d8 (8)

Powers and Greatness
1d12 (12) 9 Vagabond Extraodinaire
1d12 (10)

Narrative Hook
1d20 (6)

1d12 (4)

1d4 (3) test

OOC Comments
Nomed Dercas

Parry: 7; Toughness: In Armor 14(6) or in vehicle 17(8); Pace: 16(d10); Burn: 10(d10)
Wounds: 0/3 Fatigue: 0/2
Adventure Cards: Renown - Play after completing a good deed of some import. You gain a permanent +1 Charisma bonus toward those who have heard of you (typically a 50% chance).(46)
Bennies: 3/3

Shooting d10, Fighting d8, *Notice d6, Stealth d6, *Tracking d8, *Survival d8, Persuasion d6, Driving d4, Throwing d6, *Streetwise d8, *Forgery (Common Knowledge) d6+2

Active Effects
+2 on all ranged attacks
-2 to be hit as long as Nomed is aware of the attack**
+2 to Tracking, Stealth and Survival in the wilderness
Nomed requires only half the normal amount of sleep and has +2 to resist fatigue
-1 to all Smarts and Smarts-linked skill rolls(*) in non-combat/low stress situations
On the first round of combat Nomed does not receive the benefit from Uncanny Reflexes** or Quick**
+2 to Survival rolls related to land navigation
+1 to Survival checks where food gathering is concerned
+1 to Healing checks

Combat Edges
Split the Seconds: Grants an extra action each round.
Dirty Fighter: +2 with all Trick Manuvers
Quick: Whenever Nomed is dealt a 5 or less in combat he may discard and draw again until he gets a card higher than 5.**

Primary Weapon
JA-11 Energy Rifle
  • Range 30/60/120
  • Damage 3d6
  • RoF: 1
  • AP: 4
  • Shots: 60
  • Weight: 7
  • Notes: As an action, switch to fire an ion beam (use stats for NG-57) or have laser do Mega Damage (uses 10 ammo per shot and applies Snapfire penalty) Integrated scope offsets two points of Range and/or Darkness penalties. Advanced technology makes this weapon extra effective against armor, giving it +2 AP.)
    Ion Beam
    • Range: 12/24/48
    • Damage: 1-3d6+1
    • RoF: 1
    • AP: 2
    • Notes: Ion weapons grant +2 Shooting due to the spread effect of the ion stream, but they lose one die of damage at Medium Range, and two dice at Long.
  • Long E-Clips: 2

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