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 1st SET Mission Briefing Room 
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    Once the team gets the mission briefing and everyone starts loading up, Timothy will take this opportunity to make his voice heard. Walking up to Q "Hey Q, oversee the loading of the vehicles for a few minutes, the Sarge and me need to get something hammered out." Timothy will make a bee line to Fell. "May I speak with you in private for a few minutes?" Timothy will escort Fell to a side unused room for the discussion and close the door behind him. Once in the room Timothy will snap to attention and face Fell. "Permission to speak freely, SIR!"

    Once Fell gives permission, Timothy will stand at parade rest.

    "I wanted to talk to you about the bar incident. You want to dress me down right then and there, that is your responsibility. We don't have a logo on that wall because we didn't celebrate our victories, we don't have a logo on that wall because we don't take trophies, we don't have a logo on that wall because our victories comes with high costs and every item on that wall would be gravestone of our fallen allies. Yes we do help those in need, Yes we are a unit of peace and we are still a unit to emulate. You came to Castle Refuge out of an obligation, half the people here had no were else to go. I came here because at least this was an army for something other then money. You are right the SET are some of the most unruly and wild loose cannons I have ever seen, and yes they do give us plenty of leeway in how we do things. I have never strayed from the end result of helping people. And when we are out there in the filed, we all rely on each other. Yes I was a part of the CS. Yes it is a brother hood. Just like the Tomorrow legion is a brother hood. And yes, you do become like a family within in your unit. However that does not mean that I liked everyone in the CS and that does not mean that i'm going to like everyone in the Tomorrow legion either. This kumbya thing that everyone is trying to promote is not normal. The nutless wonders that are trying to thump their own chest is an insult to those of us who do the job, and do the job quietly."Timothy takes a deep breath. "Lail has to earn her spot in the family. Even then, I am still the XO and you are still the Sargent in charge. I am the asshole you don't need to be, I'm the one to make sure the squad is taken care of so you can make sure command is happy with us. And if some pinhead nerd gets offended over me telling them what professionalism is he can suck my hydraulics. We maybe a family, and we have some dysfunctional members of this family, but not everyone will even like everyone. You are asking for the impossible, and if you think it's possible, you might want to change your chems. Because that can't be good for you."

Timothy Hernandez
Pace: 8; Parry: 9; Toughness: 22; (12 MDC); (size=+1) ; Strain: 5
Weapon in hand: Mini-Rail Gun
Damage: 2d8+4
Ammo: 32/28
Bennies: 1

Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:06 pm
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    Fell nods at the full conversion combat Cyborg who hails from the CS originally. Listening to Timothy talk the Juicer inwardly reflects:

    I hated doing it, but in my heart I felt like it needed to be said right then. This Borg has come a long way. I need him to Care for the members of his SET and the members of all the SETs. He will be in charge soon enough once my heart explodes, and then a few months later I realize it has.

    Aloud the old looking Juicer states:

    "Valid points Tim. I hear you - I acknowledge your good points. And, I need you to be a man who finds a way to encourage all members of this Legion. I am no longer a member of the army I once was part of. I AM Legion. You are no longer a CS soldier. You might have thoughts that somehow you owe the CS for something, you don't. Maybe a small part of you thinks you have to either be CS or not be CS, I don't know exactly how you left their employ. What I do know is you are NOW LEGION.

    Look Tim. My point is, I am in charge, I lead as best I know how, I have seen so much death in my few years as a Juicer and before that, that I am a total sucker for this Legion thing. I hope you too can see it for what it is. It is Humanities Best Hope. Latch onto this Tim, now is your time to make the biggest decision you ever will since the day you became CS or a Cyborg, now you must decide to either be Legion or ....."

    Fell stops talking and pulls a cloth out of his pocket and dabs it at some blood on his nose.

    "Damn it. Between you and me Tim....I feel last call. You are going to be leader of the 1st SET soon enough, and YOU will be what every other member in the Legion looks at for guidance and as a example. Who you are will show the others what being a member of the Legion is. Not only will you be the Sgt of the 1st ... you will be who all the others look at. So...

    You don't have to like what others are doing....

    You just need to find a way to inspire them to follow what you think is best...

    You need to be LEGION, for everyone."

    Fell shakes the Cyborgs hand.

    "Lets go, the Colorado mission awaits us...."

Quick Stats:
Sgt. Severin Fell - Legion Juicer - 1st S.E.T.
Pace 16 -- Parry 9 -- Toughness, Modified Juicer Plate 19 (8) Note Juicer Reflexes make others -2 to hit them -- Burn 7 (5 used) -- Bennies left:
Split the Seconds - extra action/attack to the character each round. No multi-action penalty.
Quick - Discard draw of 5 or less for a new & higher card for Initiative.
First Strike - May attack one foe who moves adjacent.
Elan - Add +2 to rolls, including Soak rolls & Extra Effort rolls, when using Bennie.
Internal Repair System: As an action, the Juicer can make a natural healing roll at +2 to heal wounds; this costs one charge. The system holds a maximum of three charges and requires eight hours to recover one charge.
NG-E4 Plasma Ejector Range: 24/48/96, Damage: 3d10 MD - Plasma tends to ignite targets (usually 1 in 6 chance), doing 1d10 continuous damage until it’s doused.
Great ChainSaw Str (d10) + 2d10 AP 2. Spending Burn gives the Juicer a d10 Burn Die to add to any Trait or damage roll.

GM Black Company: Lars -- Account #1: Fell (Juicer)

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Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:34 am
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